Women of Esiteti take part in business skills training course

This past week the women artisans of Esiteti took part in a business skills/quality control training workshop led by Kenyan Susan Maina of Craft Link Kenya. We are so grateful to Craft Link Kenya for partnering with Beads of Esiteti to help empower these women to be leaders in their field of beading; helping to ensure further market access so that they can sustain themselves, their families and their community. Each one of these women are dedicated to supporting their families and ensuring a better life for their children and are eager to learn more about business, savings and creating quality products.  Beads of Esiteti is dedicated to providing continual training for these women so that they can become self-sufficient and earn the respect they deserve in their community becoming role models for future generations of Maasai women. It is through each one of our customers support that we are able to provide these valuable trainings and are grateful for all of the support we have received this past year.

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