Thank you NYIGF

Wow, what an amazing past week!!! We want to sincerely thank each and every person that we met at this past weeks NYIGF. Beads of Esiteti was so honored to be a part of this years show and was beyond impressed with the caliber of inspiring people that we met  throughout our time there.  As we begin to pack up all the new orders we are filled with so much gratitude for the level of support we received at the show, it truly showed that people want to make a difference and are recognizing how every purchase can be a vote for a better world.  Emailing the Esiteti community to tell them about all the new orders was pure bliss, for the impact of these orders goes beyond what I can say here in words, it is truly remarkable! Not only will these orders create a continued income stream for the Esiteti women but it will make a huge impact for the Esiteti Primary School and the 330 Maasai children who attend school there. In June I will be returning to Kenya to work with the community and know I will be greeted with many happy faces due to all of your incredible support. So thankful for each one of you this past week for all your support, encouragement, feedback and pure inspiration and as always so grateful to the Esiteti women who each day work so hard to ensure that their children have a better future.

With gratitude,
Shauna Mistretta

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