Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

There are three things that I look forward to most throughout the year 1.) Traveling to Kenya 2.) Attending The Amala Foundation’s Global Youth Peace Summit and last but not least 3.) Being part of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market!!!!! Beads of Esiteti just returned from the 10th Annual Santa Fe Folk Art Market where we were honored to once again participate in this incredible global event, to call it an art show is like calling the Taj Mahal a cottage; for this event truly is one of the most incredible displays of global unity I have ever witnessed, impacting the lives of hundreds of artisans which in turn impact the lives of thousands of people around the world. We are so grateful to be a part of this event that is about so much more than just selling art; it is a living example of how people from all walks of life, religions, ethnicities, and cultures can gather to honor and support one another.  In 3 days you walk around the world and with each conversation, embrace, sale and appreciation of a fellow artisans work the globe becomes alive, the countries become names and faces, baskets and beads, dances and songs, allowing you to be a part of the greater whole, even for just one weekend in Santa Fe.

Thank you for all those who supported us at the Folk Art Market this year and for the incredible women of Esiteti who work so hard throughout the year beading away for this event so that their children and community can have a brighter future.

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