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It has been one week since I have returned from being in Kenya and am trying not to let myself feel too guilty for not writing even one blog post! In my defense I fully allowed myself to be one with the African time warp bubble by this I mean the “amnesia” that overtakes one when they are on the great continent causing them to forget all sense of time or responsibility other than the present moment; I guess  some schools of thought would actually call this enlightenment or being fully present and isn’t this what we are all striving for.  Anyways I am back and feel more inspired than ever; see over the years I have realized that  Kenya is my restart button, you know the red button you press when your hairdryer is not working, well Kenya is my red button and each time I return I am plugged back into the source of life that ignites passion, inspiration, gratitude and that fully recognizes the magical unfolding of life.  There are really no words to describe my time with the Esiteti community for my time with them goes beyond anything that can be explained all I know is that I am home when I am with them and welcomed in a way in which I wish I could welcome all people, in a way that does not need  the same language or believe in the same things but returns to the core of humanity that is eternally united. Being with the people of Esiteti reminds me why I am doing this work; it is not about selling beads but is about something so much greater; it is about connecting people to a culture that has withstood the test of time, it is about empowering women who are already so powerful, who can carry water across dust filled savannahs, who can walk through the bush with such grace and dignity amongst lions and elephants, women who birth their children in cow dung huts without a complaint, women who work so incredibly hard each day from sun up to sun down so that their families are cared for, these are the women I work for, these are the women Beads of Esiteti is honored to be partnered with and these women are my inspiration. This past trip I discovered that Beads of Esiteti unites Maasai women from 17 different communities throughout the Amboseli area, each one of these communities now has a group savings program due to the success of bead sales and many of these women have been able to start small businesses due to the income they have earned and due to the money they have been able to save amongst the small groups.  Due to your support of the beads and the incredible dedication of the Esiteti women who give 50% of their income to the local Esiteti Primary School the school is flourishing and the needs of the school are being met. Each time I return I am in such awe of what this community has accomplished and the dedication of so many men and women who work so hard each day to ensure that their children have a brighter future; the most beautiful thing is that they do this together and never is it about one person doing it on their own, a great lesson for us all.  There are just too many things to write about so instead I will just share through these photos so you can see the strength of the women’s hands, the smiles of the Esiteti children and the wisdom that shines through each and everyone of these people; thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.


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