Global March for Elephants

This past weekend I had the honor of marching with hundreds down the streets of Los Angeles ; marching in solidarity to help save one of the most precious creatures on this planet, Elephants.  I have been blessed in this lifetime to have many incredible experiences with Elephants in the wild and the thought of these majestic creatures no longer being on this planet is one of great sadness. In 2012 alone 35,000 Elephants were killed, this is 100 Elephants every single day, if this rate continues there will be no Elephants left on this planet in 5 years!!!!! To me this is unacceptable and I know that this can be prevented.

Since 2010 I have been honored to work with the Maasai people of Esiteti whom have lived amongst the Elephants of Amboseli National Park for hundreds of years; forming a deep relationship of respect and connection with these animals.  The Elephants of Amboseli are one of the longest studied Elephant Herds due to the incredible work of Cynthia Moss and the Amboseli Trust For Elephants; but each time I return I hear another story of a matriarch being killed so that her tusks can be made into jewelery in China, this must end.

I am inviting each of you who read this blog to take action and help protect these wise and sacred animals. There are so many incredible organizations that are leading the way in ending poaching and empowering local communities throughout Kenya to be anti-poaching rangers rather than the poacher. I invite each of you to become informed about what is happening and then in whatever way you feel inspired to take action please do. Below are a list of organizations that I think highly of and that I feel are truly creating a difference in ending poaching and protecting wildlife as well as links to educate yourself on this pressing issue.

In gratitude to each of you; may each one of us recognize that each and every creature on this planet is sacred and as human beings we have a responsibility to protect them.


With gratitude,


March For Elephants:

Amboseli Trust For Elephants:

Big Life Foundation:

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:


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