Birthing Kit Distribution

Today I wanted to sincerely thank the organization A Voice is Heard  for distributing safe birthing kits to the traditional birth attendants living in the Esiteti/Embaringoi region of Maasailand. Due to their generous donation the women of this community will now have access to greater care in their community decreasing cases of maternal/infant mortality while educating future generations on the importance of safe birth practices.  Each day a 1,000 women around the world die in child birth often due to limited access to proper care; when given the proper tools and education a traditional birth attendant can greatly decrease this staggering number one mother at a time.

This is why Beads of Esiteti was created to empower the women of this community so that they can create better opportunities for themselves and their families and we are grateful to align with organizations such as A Voice is Heard as we seek to expand economic, health and educational opportunities for the Maasai people.
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